Behind the Scenes: Rampz Update and Sneak Peek!

The anticipation is building! We're thrilled to share a sneak peek into the latest developments of Rampz, the game that's set to revolutionize your outdoor entertainment experience, whether at the beach, park, lake, tailgate, or even your own backyard. Here's the lowdown on what's in store and when you can expect to get your hands on it.

Our manufacturing journey is well underway, with our meticulously crafted molds progressing swiftly and slated for completion by March 20th. We've just received some tantalizing picture updates showcasing their current state, and trust us when we say, they're nothing short of spectacular! Take a glimpse for yourself.

Ramp mold 1

Ramp mold 2
Target mold 1

Once the molds are perfected, we'll swing into action, creating production samples for a hands-on inspection at the manufacturer's facility. Typically, minor tweaks are made at this stage to ensure seamless assembly before we kickstart mass production. We estimate a brief period for these adjustments to guarantee top-notch quality.

Turning our attention to the game components, we're excited to announce that the cups have been ordered and are scheduled to arrive at the fulfillment center by April 1st. Meanwhile, we're finalizing samples for the bean bags, carrying cases, and accessory bags, with delivery expected next week. After approving the samples, we'll proceed to place orders for these components. We anticipate these components to arrive at the fulfillment center by the end of April, making them the final pieces of the puzzle.

Mark your calendars tentatively for May 1st, as that's the projected start date for shipping out Rampz Game Sets to eager enthusiasts like you! However, rest assured, we'll expedite shipments as soon as all components are in stock. Wondering when you can order your very own Rampz set? Look no further than April 1st, when our pre-sale launches. And no, this isn't an April Fools' joke – it's the real deal! For those savvy folks who've signed up for our email list on our website, expect exclusive VIP early access to limited pre-sale discount codes, ensuring you snag the best deals before everyone else. Stay tuned as we unveil more details leading up to April 1st.

Get ready to elevate your outdoor gatherings and make memories that last a lifetime with Rampz – poised to claim its rightful spot as the must-have game of 2024, both indoors and out!


1. What are the specific features of the Rampz molds that make them spectacular? 

Our Rampz molds are a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation. They are designed with precision to ensure that each component of the Rampz game set is durable, aesthetically pleasing, and provides an optimal gaming experience. The spectacular nature of our molds lies in their ability to produce ramps and targets that are not only functional but also add a new dimension to your gameplay. This is also our first product, which makes every step of the production journey that much more special!


2. How will the production samples be inspected, and what kind of adjustments are anticipated before mass production?

We take the inspection process very seriously and so do our manufacturing partners. Each production sample will be meticulously reviewed by our team at the manufacturer’s facility. We anticipate minor adjustments might be necessary, primarily to refine the assembly process and ensure that all components fit together seamlessly. Our goal is to deliver a flawless product that meets our high standards and exceeds your expectations.


3. What are the benefits of signing up for the email list, and how does the pre-sale work?

By signing up for our email list, you’ll gain VIP early access to our pre-sale event. This means you'll have the opportunity to purchase Rampz at a special rate before the general public. Our pre-sale begins on April 1st, and it’s your chance to be among the first to join the Rampz Revolution and secure your game set at an unbeatable price.

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