How big is it?

  • Each carrying case is about 46" x 10" x 20".
  • Each game ramp is about 44" x 18".
  • With legs attached, the runway will be about 18" off the ground.
  • Each target face is about 16” x 16”.
  • The bean bags are about 2” x 2”.
  • The box it gets shipped in is about 46" x 20" x 20".

Is it easy to transport?

Yes! It is actually shorter than a cornhole board! The small accessory bag will help keep all your cups and bean bags together. We decided to go with 2 canvas carrying bags for the ramps & targets so that each bag will be less than 15 pounds and easy to move around with the shoulder strap.

How can I get Rampz if I am outside of the United States?

If you are outside of the United States, please send an email to support@RampzGame.com with your address and we’ll see if we can hook you up. At the very least, this helps us prioritize our expansion into other regions.

Can I leave my Rampz set outside?

While your Rampz set is made from HDPE with UV resistance, we do not recommend storing it outside when not in play. Rain can also cause HDPE to corrode, rust, swell, or shrink which can shorten the lifespan of your Rampz set. We recommend storing your set in a garage, basement or other covered/dry space. 

Is it hard?

Yes and no. We like to say it is easy to learn, but
challenging to master. That’s the recipe for incredible games, right? I’ve had people
come in and nail a cup on their very first throw. Others may take a bit longer to get the hang of it and start getting consistently smooth shots. You can always make the game easier by allowing “re-racks” in the Cupz game if it starts taking too long or moving the ramps closer together. We suggest starting off with the Pointz game until you feel confident in your skills.

Why do teams shoot all 4 of their bags in Pointz instead of alternating shots?

This is really just a matter of efficiency, so you don’t have to back away from the side of the ramp to give the other play their space. We also think it is easier to find your groove shooting all 4 bags in a row. Feel free to adjust the rules to your liking, and if you have a lefty and a righty shooting from the same side, that’s the perfect chance to try alternating shots!

How is Rampz constructed?

Your Rampz set is made from HDPE, manufactured here in the United States by experts with decades of blow molding experience. HDPE is widely used in blow molding. It is lightweight and has excellent stiffness and rigidity. The targets and legs can easily be snapped in for quick set up and snapped out for easy storage and transportation.