Family Owned

Two generations of the Pizzullo family make up this team for now and we are proud to finally call ourselves both inventors and entrepreneurs! Our hope is that Rampz will pave the way for future endeavors so that we may continue chasing our dreams and continue to innovate and invent. The Pizzullo family cares about quality and we strive to exceed customer expectations, so please let us know if there is anything we can do for you or if you have any feedback on our product. We can't wait for friends, families, and strangers to come together and make memories playing our game.

Pizzullo Family


Andrew, known to his friends as Pizzy, is the founder of Pizzy Products. Andrew is an entrepreneur and innovator at heart - always coming up with new ideas or looking for the next opportunity to capitalize on. He remembers one of his first services as a young kid being the removal of harmful beetles from his neighbors' plants, charging a nickel for each beetle removed. He would go on to more normal, more profitable jobs as he grew into his teens like shoveling snow and cutting grass. To Andrew, every idea is worth considering, no matter how crazy it may seem. He hopes that one day, one of these crazy ideas will be the big one that hits... hopefully it is Rampz.


After graduating, Andrew would travel frequently as an IT Consultant and would often watch Shark Tank when in his hotel room. It was on the way back from one of these business trips in February of 2020 that Andrew boarded his plane and set his mind to coming up with an invention, something that was on his mind quite frequently over the previous two months. He sat down and started to think about yard games, trying to focus on something that was new. He thought about how there were games where you throw and toss, but not really any where you roll. The idea for what is now Rampz came rather quickly, albeit the rolling didn't work out in the end. The rest of the flight was spent drawing up sketches of targets, further developing game play, and making lots of revisions. Once home, he pitched his idea to his mom & dad, the ultimate test. Aside from a terribly funny product name created from a name generator online, they were actually interested - a point Andrew had not yet been able to get to. His parents joined the team and the next 3 years were spent building prototypes, making revisions, applying for patents, setting up the LLC, and getting the supply chain and business operations in order. The team is beyond excited to start shipping Rampz out after all these years of hard work.