Environmental Commitments

As our business and operations expand, we're committed to intensifying our efforts towards environmental stewardship. Our journey involves making deliberate, environmentally conscious decisions to reduce our carbon footprint and preserve the beauty of our planet. Together, we can create a sustainable future, ensuring that as Rampz grows, so does our positive impact on the Earth.


Long-lasting design

We've made multiple design decisions to ensure the durability and longevity of our Rampz product. We decided to make the ramp a single blow molded piece that does not fold to eliminate the risk of a hinge failing in the future. Our targets and legs are modular and do not require any pins or screws.


Reusability and recyclability

We do not plan on using any packing fillers when we ship out our product as the reusable carrying cases should offer enough protection in the tightly packed boxes. This will be confirmed with test shipments as we want to make sure products do not arrive at your house damaged of course! Also, should such a time or reason ever present itself down the road, you can recycle the HDPE plastic components of Rampz.


Sustainable materials

HDPE is the most widely used household plastic material and the most common resin used in blow molding. Examining the raw materials that go into making HDPE resin, 188 pounds of crude oil is used to produce 1000 pounds of resin. Other popular plastics, such as polystyrene, which is commonly used in injection molding, require 3.75 times more crude oil to produce the same amount of material. Americans throw away 25,000,000,000 styrofoam coffee cups made from polystyrene every year. Further, HDPE is on many white lists for the best plastics for consumers because it doesn’t leach harmful chemicals, such as BPA, into the environment or into the contents it contains. HDPE plastics are so commonly recycled that their resin code, 2, used to be part of the universal recycling symbol. Over one billion pounds of HDPE bottles alone were recycled in the United States in 2014. Also, HDPE products are normally built to last, which improves their sustainability over less durable plastics that are continually disposed of and replaced.


Environmentally friendly factories

Our primary manufacturer and fulfillment partner is centrally located in the United States, enabling us to minimize our carbon footprint.


Sustainable Distribution

Our manufacturer will also store and fulfill our orders. This means we will be able to minimize our carbon footprint by not having to send the large pieces of the game from one location to another before fulfillment.