Rampz - The Original Bag Launch Game

First, we invented the sport of Bag Launch. Then, we invented the Rampz brand to start producing the original boards to play it. The game design is patent-pending. We have the original rules developed, but understand that with community feedback and to facilitate competitive gameplay, these rules may adapt over time. Please contact us with any questions or suggestions!

What do I need?

  • 2 Rampz sets with chosen game targets and cups inserted
  • Each Rampz set placed 12 feet apart from front end to front end
  • 1-4 players
  • 4 bean bags for Cupz game or all 8 bean bags for Pointz game
  • Backyard, beach, parking lot, Rampz court… any space 25 feet long, 4 feet wide, and about 8 feet high

General Rules

• Each main game can be played as 1v1 or 2v2
• A shot is comprised of sliding one bag along the game ramp until it is launched off the ramp towards the opposing game target
• Players must also keep at least one foot behind the beginning of the game ramp, but they can step to the side with their other foot

Game 1: Cupz

Objective: Make all 6 cups before your opponents

How to Play Cupz

Each team stands behind a ramp and will stay there for the entire game. The team that goes first gets all four bags. If you are a beginner, feel free to use all 8 bags. Don’t forget who went first! The team that goes second will have a ‘Redemption Round’ if the team that shoots first is first to make all six cups. One player from each team (even if 2v2) shoots all four bean bags per round, and you must alternate which teammate is shooting each round. After the fourth shot, all cups that were successfully made should be removed from the target and the other team takes their turn.

How to Win Cupz

Once one team has made all cups, if they shot second, the game is over, and they claim victory. However, if they shot first, the other team now enters ‘Redemption Round’ where they have a chance to win the game by using less bags than the first team did, or tie up the game by using the exact same number of bags the first team did. If they are unable to make the remaining cups by the end of their turn, the game is officially over. If they tie up the game, get pumped for some Overtime!

Cupz Overtime

For Overtime gameplay, return 3 cups to the top 3 positions on each game target. Restart gameplay until all 3 cups are made for a team, but still grant the team that shoots second another ‘Redemption Round’ if applicable. Should they tie it up during an overtime ‘Redemption Round’, restart overtime gameplay and repeat as necessary.

Cupz Single Player (#CupzChallenge)

So you're looking to scratch the itch to play Rampz and your friends are busy? No problem. Set up Cupz and see how many bags it takes you to make all 6 cups. Climb the ranks and keep going until you make the perfect score of 6 to reach the rank of Legend... will you be the first?

Cupz Video

Game 2: Pointz

Objective: Land bean bags on the game target and be the first to score 21 points

How to Play Pointz

For 1v1, both players will shoot towards the same game ramp during a given round and alternate game ramps each round. For 2v2, each team will have one player behind each game ramp and they will stay there for the duration of the game.
Determine whether you will do ‘Cancel’ scoring or ‘Cumulative’. For ‘Cancel’ scoring, you subtract the round total from each team and award the difference to the higher scoring team. ‘Cancel’ scoring is more competitive but extends game time.

How to Win Pointz

Team 1 shoots all 4 of their bags and then team 2 shoots all 4 of their bags. Once all eight bags have been launched, the round is over and it is time to score points for that round. The team who scored in that round, if playing ‘Cancel’ scoring, or the team who scored the most points, if playing 'Cumulative' scoring, has won the round and will shoot first in the next round.  Scores for each team are accumulated per round until one team gets 21 or more points.

Pointz Video