Get Paid Promoting The Game You Love

Score on Every Sale: With Rampz, every referral is a chance to earn big and be part of a community that’s all about fun and innovation.


What are the eligibility requirements?

1. You must be a U.S. citizen living in the United States and agree to submit W-9 information for taxes

2. You must be at least 18 years old

How much will I get paid?

All commissions are produced in USD currency value 7% of order total (excludes taxes and shipping). You will earn a commission every time someone makes a purchase using your unique affiliate link. Assuming a Sale Price of $269 for example, you would receive $18.83 for that sale.

How does it work?

1. Sign up for the program using the link above to receive your custom link.

2. Promote Rampz by sharing your link with friends

3. Each time someone makes a purchase with your affiliate link, you'll earn 7% of the order - paid out monthly.

How do I get paid?

All commissions are paid out monthly via PayPal. You will be paid within the first 7 days of the month for the previous month's commissions.

How are sales tracked?

All commissions and payouts are tracked through the UpPromote dashboard.

Where is my affiliate link?

You will find your unique link inside of the UpPromote Dashboard.

Can I lose affiliate status?

Yes. We will diligently be monitoring our affiliate program to ensure that all referrals are legitimate and that our affiliates are upholding our standards. We reserve the right to revoke your affiliate status at any time for any reason which could result in the forfeit of unpaid earnings.

Does the program change?

Your affiliate link will remain the same for the lifetime of the program. If we make any changes to the affiliate program or your unique link, you will be notified via email with further instructions. Please ensure to check your spam folder if you cannot locate the email.