Climb the Ranks: The Ultimate #CupzChallenge Awaits!

Hey there, Rampz enthusiasts and competitive souls! Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey that tests your skills and keeps you coming back for more like nothing else in the yard game world? Look no further, as the Rampz team has just rolled out an electrifying ranking system designed to keep you on the edge of your seat. Welcome to the #CupzChallenge – a challenge that not only pushes your limits but also invites you to etch your name in the archives of Rampz history.

The Challenge: Cupz Single Player

Imagine this: It’s one of those days when your friends are tied up, and you’re itching for some action-packed Rampz fun. What do you do? You dive into the Cupz single player mode, of course! The mission is simple yet gripping – make all 6 cups with as few bean bags as possible. It’s you against the game, in a quest for glory, precision, and the coveted title of Legend.

How It Works

Your journey through the ranks mirrors the finesse of a golfer, where less is more. The goal? To claim the rank of Legend with the perfect score of 6 – a feat that requires you to sink all 6 cups with just 6 bean bags. As you gear up for this challenge, remember, every throw counts!

Here’s a quick rundown of the ranks to fuel your competitive fire:

  • 51 or more bean bags: Novice
  • 35-50 bean bags: Beginner
  • 21-34 bean bags: Intermediate
  • 11-20 bean bags: Advanced
  • 7-10 bean bags: Pro
  • 6: Legend

The Road to Legend

As you rise through the ranks, from a budding Novice to a seasoned Pro, the ultimate goal looms on the horizon – the rank of Legend. Achieving this rank is not just about bragging rights (although, let’s be honest, it’s a huge part of it); it’s about proving to yourself and the world that you have what it takes to master Rampz’s most daunting challenge.

But Wait, There’s More!

What’s the reward for reaching the pinnacle of Legend, you ask? Well, that’s where the intrigue deepens. First, you will be memorialized in the Hall of Legendz on our website. With your permission, we’d love to have your name and picture made public so that all may know of your glorious achievement and can inspire others to join the prestigious title. Second, we're going to shower you in Rampz swag. From there, we’re throwing the gauntlet down to you, our valiant Rampz community, to dream up the ultimate prize worthy of a Legend. How else should we celebrate your monumental achievement? Share your thoughts, and let’s make history together!

Verification and Integrity: The Hallmark of a True Legend

In the spirit of fairness and integrity, reaching the rank of Legend will require more than just your word – we’re talking real-time, unedited video submissions. But fret not, for we’re devising methods to ensure that every entry is as genuine as your dedication. This way, every Legend’s induction into “The Hall of Legendz” is not just celebrated but also undisputed. We know not all great moments are captured on camera. In fact, part of Rampz’s core is all about putting our phones away to enjoy quality time with others and escape the world of technology. For those who score a perfect game, but have no recording to prove it, we offer you a secondary honor – a place in the “Tales of Legendz”.

Join the #CupzChallenge Today!

So, what are you waiting for? Oh right… we haven’t started shipping Rampz out yet. Well, have you signed up for Early Bird VIP Pre-Sale Access on our website? We are just WEEKS away from pre-orders and with Spring on the horizon, you’ll have Rampz showing up to your door before you know it! At that point, it will be entirely in your hands. Who will be the first to reach the rank of Legend? Share your journey, your triumphs, and even your not-so-glorious attempts on social media using the hashtag #CupzChallenge. Let’s foster a community where encouragement reigns, and every throw brings us closer together.

The path to becoming a Legend is fraught with challenges, but remember, every great story needs its hero. Will you rise to the occasion?

The Hall of Legendz will be waiting for you.
Hall of Legendz – Rampz (



1. How can players practice for the #CupzChallenge if Rampz sets have not been shipped yet?

We understand the eagerness to start practicing for the #CupzChallenge. While we’re just weeks away from pre-orders, we encourage you to sign up for Early Bird VIP Pre-Sale Access on our website. This way, you’ll be among the first to receive your Rampz set and start honing your skills. In the meantime, stay tuned to our social media channels for tips, tricks, and updates to prepare you for the challenge ahead!


2. What kind of Rampz swag can players expect to receive upon reaching the rank of Legend?

Reaching the rank of Legend is no small feat, and we believe in rewarding our players for their dedication. Those who achieve this prestigious rank can expect to be showered with exclusive Rampz swag, including branded gear and accessories that are not available anywhere else. We’re talking about high-quality, limited-edition items that will make you the envy of all your friends!


3. How will the integrity of the #CupzChallenge be maintained without video evidence for every perfect game?

At Rampz, we value integrity and fair play. For those who achieve a perfect game and wish to be inducted into the Hall of Legendz, we require real-time, unedited video submissions. However, we also understand that not all great moments are caught on camera. For such instances, we offer a place in the ‘Tales of Legendz,’ where your honor and word are celebrated. It’s our way of acknowledging your achievement while maintaining the spirit of the game.

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