Hall of Legendz Submission

Is it true!? Have you mastered Rampz's most daunting challenge and achieved a perfect score of 6 in the Cupz Challenge?

CONGRATULATIONS! What a remarkable accomplishment, Legend. Now let's take care of business so that we can soon etch your name into the archives of Rampz history and reward you for your dedication and skill.

To maintain the prestige and integrity of The Hall of Legendz, all submissions must include real-time, unedited video proof to be reviewed and authenticated by Rampz's Keeper of The Hall of Legendz. The Keeper has final, undisputable say in whether the submission upholds our standards and passes authentication and judgement without being required to provide reasoning for rejected submissions.

First things first, make sure ALL of the following is true before sending in your content:

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  • You are over the age of 18, or have obtained parental or legal guardian consent (will require additional verification)
  • You have not signed any exclusive agreements with anyone else, or any other website(s)
  • You physically recorded this video

If the above are true, please send an email with the Subject "Legend Submission" to content@RampzGame.com and attach video proof, a picture of yourself to go on our website (optional), and include the below in the body of your email:

Full Name:


Date of Achievement:

Instagram Handle (optional):

Comments (optional):


Don't forget to attach your real-time, unedited video as proof.

If you did not capture this historic moment on camera, we will still gladly take your submission to have your name etched into The Tales of Legendz.


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