Why Rampz - A Versatile Game Like No Other


 Rampz at the family picnic, outside on the sidewalk soaking up the sun

With all the buzz about the #RampzRevolution, what makes Rampz so special? We’ll do our best to explain it, but it’s hard to capture the glory of everyone’s first made cup in writing.

The unique patent pending design of Rampz combines nostalgic game elements into the ultimate yard game. Cornhole is fun and all, but Rampz takes your toss to the next dimension with our game-changing ramps
Rampz is like the game console for your backyard. The built-in flexibility of the interchangeable targets is certain to have new game targets coming out in the future, making it an extremely versatile and innovative product like nothing else in the yard game industry.
Discover the thrill of competitive yard games like never before. While Rampz is easy to learn, it is challenging to master. We are already looking forward to the competitive scene – are you ready to unleash your inner champion?
Rampz checks all the boxes. It’s easy to transport since it breaks down and fits into two nice carrying bags with shoulder straps. By the way, if you are worried about size, Rampz is actually about four inches shorter in length than cornhole. It’s easy to set up - just pop in the legs, targets, and cups and you are good to go. It’s easy to learn – many people have surprised us by hitting the cup on their very first throw even. You can play indoor, making it an even more versatile game and a cheaper alternative when compared to other indoor entertainment like Pool Tables, Ping Pong, or Shuffleboard. FREE Shipping – if you didn’t think you were already getting a steal on this new 2-in-1 game with carrying bags included, how about now?

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1. How does the patent pending design of Rampz enhance the gameplay compared to traditional yard games like cornhole?

The patent pending design of Rampz enhances gameplay by introducing ramps, which add a three-dimensional aspect to the game. This design requires players to adjust their throwing technique to account for height and angle, making it more challenging, engaging, and entertaining than traditional board games like cornhole.


2.What are some of the new game targets mentioned that might be released in the future, and how will they change the way Rampz is played?

While specific details about new game targets are not provided, the concept of interchangeable targets suggests that future additions could include various shapes, sizes, or themed targets that require different strategies and skills, keeping the game fresh and exciting.


3. Can you provide more details on the competitive scene for Rampz? How can players get involved and what does the path to becoming a champion look like? 

The competitive scene for Rampz is still emerging. Players interested in getting involved should look for local tournaments or Rampz events, which may be organized as the game gains popularity. For now, players are encouraged to take on the #CupzChallenge to place themselves in the ranking system and attempt to etch their names in history if they record a perfect score on camera. This is a single player challenge with the Cupz target where you want to nail all 6 cups with as few shots as possible. You can learn more about this challenge, the ranking system, and The Hall of Legendz here.

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