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Rampz Game Set

Rampz Game Set

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Rampz is a brand new yard game where you slide bean bags down a runway and off a ramp towards your opponent’s target. The game-changing ramps elevate yard games to a new level! Rampz is easy to learn and challenging to master, making it the perfect game for recreational and competitive players alike. The built-in flexibility of the interchangeable targets allows for new game targets to be introduced to supplement the two that come with the base game, making certain that new fun keeps on coming! Play Pointz if you want a typical scoring game like other yard games in a race to 21, or Cupz for more of a precision challenge where you try to be the first to make all 6 cups. It's time to ramp up the party. It's time for a new yard game. It's time for Rampz.


Rampz Game Set Includes:

- (2x) Ramps

- (2x) Pointz Targets

- (2x) Cupz Targets

- (12x) Rampz Cups

- (4x) Blue Bean Bags

- (4x) Red Bean Bags

- (4x) Legs

- (2x) Rampz Carrying Cases

- (1x) Rampz Accessory Bag

80% USA Content

30-day Satisfaction Guarantee

Ages 13+

1-4 Players

10-20 min

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